Baltic Welders OÜ 2023


Baltic Welders OÜ Warranty Terms and Conditions

1.Warranty against defects

1.1 This warranty against defects is the seller’s promise to replace or repair a sold item as stipulated in the warranty, or to otherwise ensure that a sold item is in compliance with the terms and conditions set out in the warranty.

1.2 The warrantor is Baltic Welders OÜ, registry code 12973713, registered office at Niguli 1-11, Viru-Nigula small town, Viru-Nigula rural municipality, Lääne-Viru County 44001.

1.3 The warrantor’s contact person is Uku Vändrik, telephone: +372 58 18 37 54; e-mail address for submitting warranty claims:

1.4 The warranty term for the warranty object is one (1) year for legal persons and two (2) years for consumers (natural persons).

1.5. The warranty term starts on the date following the date of delivery of the item to the buyer. If the seller is obligated to deliver the product to the buyer by courier or by mail, the warranty term starts when the warranty object has been handed over to the buyer (the buyer bears the burden of proof regarding the delivery and this must be recorded in a document).

1.6. The buyer can exercise its relevant rights under the warranty on the basis of an invoice/receipt proving the purchase transaction.

1.7 The warranty against defects provides the buyer with the right to have any production, material or construction defects, which become apparent on the warranty object during the warranty term, removed by the warrantor at the warrantor’s cost.

1.8. The warrantor replaces the warranty object with a new one only if the warranty object breaks down within six (6) months of its delivery to the buyer and the buyer proves that the warranty object was defective already on delivery. In other cases, the warrantor repairs the warranty object or replaces it if repairs are not possible or would not achieve a desired result.

1.9 During the warranty term, the buyer must notify the warrantor of any defects, which become apparent on the item, without delay at least in a format that can be reproduced in writing. The notification must include a description of the defect and, if possible, photograph(s) showing the defect, and the product’s serial number.

1.10 The warrantor must review a notification, as set out under clause 1.9 of this warranty, submitted by the buyer within five (5) business days of its receipt and, if possible, carry out their own expert analysis regarding the reasons for the defect’s appearance. Where a defect is covered under the warranty, the warrantor removes the defect without delay, but not later than within one (1) month starting from the date on which the item was received from the buyer.

1.11 The buyer bears the costs of transportation of the warranty object to the place where warranty repairs are carried out.

2. Restrictions on the application of the warranty against defects

2.1. The warranty against defects does not apply to defects, which have become apparent on the warranty object due to natural wear, incorrect installation, incorrect use or use for a purpose other than its intended purpose, use that does not comply with the requirements set out in the user manual or relevant technical requirements, and non-compliance with proper maintenance requirements.

2.2. The warranty against defects does not cover failures that have been caused by mechanical damage, intentional damage, negligence, unpredictable circumstances (e.g. fire, traffic accident, etc.).

2.3. The warranty against defects does not apply if repairs have been carried out on the sold item without previously coordinating this with the manufacturer in writing, the item’s structures have been altered, additional equipment and/or replacement parts have been installed on the item without previously coordinating this with the manufacturer in writing and/or additional attachments or reinforcements have been added to the item.

3. Liability

3.1. If the warrantor does not fulfil its obligations within six (6) months after receiving a seller’s notification as stipulated under clause 1.9, the buyer can repair the item at the warrantor’s cost.

3.2. The buyer must inform the warrantor in writing at least five (5) business days before repairing the defective warranty object and submit to the warrantor a calculation of the expected costs. This obligation to notify is a prerequisite for having the costs reimbursed by the warrantor as set out under clause 3.1.

3.3 Wishing to exercise the warranty cannot be the basis for the buyer’s withdrawal from the sales contract. Provisions regarding withdrawal from a contract provided for under the Law of Obligations Act are applied to withdrawing from the sales contract.

3.4 The right to exercise the warranty does not release the buyer from the obligation to pay for the warranty object.

3.5 The warrantor is under no obligation to provide the buyer with a replacement item for the duration of performing the warranty, and the warrantor will not compensate the buyer for the purchase price of or lease costs related to a replacement item.

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